CHINA: museums



Anyang Yinxu

Recently published, CHINA: museums is the insider's guide to over 200 museums in China written by Miriam Clifford, Cathy Giangrande & Antony White and illustrated with over 500 original images.

Beijing Railway Museum

Over five years, the authors travelled throughout China visiting museums and pooling their expertise in art, history, archaeology, photography and publishing to produce the most up-to-date, ground-breaking guide to both private and public museums in the country. Science and technology, history and archaeology, politics and art — sponsored by it's the ultimate guide on China's must-see museums.

Watch this site - CHINA: museums is soon to be released in an electronic version with accompanying maps, timelines, walking tours and in-depth information relating to the museums you plan to visit.

Internationally recognized author Simon Winchester, author of The Man Who Loved China wrote, "...For those who have always suspected that China's cities held, hidden away, immense treasure-houses of things both wondrous and bizarre, here is the definitive, comprehensive and quite marvellous guide. In creating this beautiful book, the authors have performed a singular service-both to those who are fascinated with China, and to China herself, who can now proudly show off her achievements to a wider audience than ever before."